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Gone but not forgotten - Farewell to 2014 Interns



Farewell Ceremony, Summer Internship 2014

The Stanford University Libraries’ 2014 Summer Internship Program has officially ended. We will sincerely miss the wonderful interns and we wish them well in their future endeavors. The interns contributed to real projects and gained valuable work experience. They attended panel discussions and established relationships that will benefit them in their academic and professional aspirations.

Before they left they created an entertaining video that is available on YouTube, called Supervisor Meeting. This project took a lot of time, planning and teamwork. It would not have been possible without the expertise of Multimedia Services Manager Erin Scott. The video explains how the supervisors bonded with and nurtured their interns. The internship led to noticeable growth and development in the interns and has helped prepare them for the next stage in their academic pursuits.

A special thanks goes out to Ellie Buckley for conducting exit interviews so we can make improvements for future internships.

We'd like to thank all those who served on panels and shared their very personal and inspirational experiences: Joseph Thornton; Stephanie Zepeda; Kelly Fields; Ronnie Fields; Armando Rios; Erik Cabral; Randy Reyes; Nallely Montes; Ernesto Hernandez, and Diane Doolan.

Thanks again to all the supervisors involved: Tiffany S Tsui; Jacque Hettel; Judy D Marsh; David T. Medeiros; Hannah Winkler; Deni Wicklund; Jonathan Manton; Mattie Taormina; Beth McCullough; Patricia Carbajales; Raymond Heigemeir; Felicia Bill, and Ben Bates.

We could not have done this without the interns themselves: Heyab Chocol; Johana Cortez-Hernandez; Juan Lopez; Antonio Tharp; Adolfo Bello-Perez; Lucia Ibarra; Leilani Lopez; Edward Perez; Dayana Sandoval, and Yahaira Arreola-Rodriguez.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Veronica Rubalcava, for managing the daily activities and troubleshooting the multitude of problems. As pointed out in the video, none of this would have been possible without Mike Keller's leadership as well as Chris Bourg and her generosity, demonstrated by the fact that she, “Paid for everything!”

Stanford University Libraries' summer internship program farewell ceremony 2014

By Felicia Smith

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