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Hoover Library & Archives roll out new website



Hoover Website

The Hoover Institution Library & Archives are pleased to announce the launch of their new and updated website ( Offering more than one hundred pages of new content, the website better enables visitors to discover the six thousand archival collections and nearly one million library volumes held at Hoover.  

Users can browse collections by geographic region –including by a clickable map– subject, format, and language, with attention drawn to digitized collections available online, such as the diaries of World War II general Joseph Stilwell or transcripts from the television series Firing Line. A search box on every page allows visitors to find, quickly and efficiently, archival collections or library materials. In addition, preprogrammed search links produce dynamic, comprehensive listings of collection materials relating to specific countries, topics, or formats.

"The new content, better design, and enhanced opportunities present in our new website truly allow us to showcase all the Hoover Institution Library & Archives do to collect, preserve, and make available the most important material about political, social, and economic change in the world.  These long-awaited changes will make it easier for all of our patrons to engage with the meaning and role of history," said Eric Wakin, research fellow and the Robert H. Malott Director of Library & Archives.

This launch is the culmination of a redesign process that began nine months ago, with dual aims of streamlining navigation and overhauling content. The new landing page intuitively guides a variety of users who wish to visit Hoover, learn about the collections, view an exhibit, or look behind the scenes at its operations.

Information about acquisitions, events, exhibits, and other highlights will continue to promote Library & Archives activities. New content includes lists of recent books citing Hoover’s collections, a donor spotlight highlighting the Library & Archives’ supporters past and present, and a behind-the-scenes blog bringing Hoover’s collections to life along with the activities of the staff members who care for them.

With these enhancements to content and design, the website can now serve as a better platform for increasing the visibility and use of Hoover’s collections. Visitors to the site are also invited to sign up for a monthly newsletter to stay informed of recent developments at the Library & Archives.


By Lisa Miller

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March 9, 2016