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Interim Head of Metadata Department - Nancy Lorimer



Nancy Lorimer

I am pleased to announce that Nancy Lorimer, currently Head of Music Metadata Services, will become Interim Head of the Metadata Department while Philip Schreur fills the role of Interim Assistant Director for Technical and Access Services. Effective date is November 1, 2014.

In her role at Music, Nancy is responsible for managing acquisition and cataloging operations for music materials for SUL, including 2014 Special Collections. She has participated in a number of digitization projects including the Monterey Jazz Festival Collection and Riverwalk Jazz. Besides great familiarity with RDA and MODS, Nancy has also made use of XSLT, XQuery, and RDF and has been an active participant in our BIBFRAME implementation group.

Outside of SUL, Nancy is the Chair of the Music Library Association Genre/Form Task Force and has been active in the creation of the new LC Medium of Performance Thesaurus. She has been Chair of the MLA Bibliographic Control Committee (2004-2008). Her deep experience in traditional cataloging and RDA, balanced with her experience in digitization projects and non-MARC metadata, make her an ideal choice as Stanford continues its leadership role during this time of radical change in the metadata landscape.

By Catherine M. Tierney

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