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Winter yoga in Green Library, Wednesdays and Fridays



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Plan ahead to sign up for our wonderful Basic Yoga classes, offered through the Wellness On Wheels program. Benefits eligible employees will be able to fill out the SHALA 2015 beginning Jan. 2. (This makes you eligible for 2 classes at a reduced rate of $30!) HIP registration for classes begins Jan. 7. Classes will begin Jan.14 (Wed. class) and Jan. 16 (Fri. class).

These classes are slow-paced, great for beginners. They also offer options for more advanced poses for experienced students. We have a fun mix of experience levels represented.

Basic Yoga at Green Library, Friday
Class Code: glyf-01
Day/Date/Time: Friday 12-12:50PM, 1/16-3/20
Instructor: Hattie Bluestone

Yoga at Green Library, Wednesday
Class Code: glyw-01
Day/Date/Time: Wednesday 5:15-6:05PM, 1/14-3/18
Instructor: Dina Robison

Location: Green Library, ICC166
Fee: $110

Notes: Bring a Yoga Mat to class

Class Champion: Betsy Shelton

Register at the Health Improvement Program website. Registration opens on January 7, 2015.

  1. Click on the link Register for Classes (at the upper portion of the page). 
  2. Click on the link Wellness on Wheels near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter the exact Class Code shown above.
  4. Click Register, and then continue to complete the online registration form and payment.

A note to Stanford University benefits eligible employees:

Be sure to take advantage of the BeWell@Stanford Employee Incentive Program by going to the BeWell website. After completing the SHALA 2015, you will automatically be eligible for two $30 fitness classes per quarter. (See the BeWell website for more information.)

By Betsy Shelton

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