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Ode to Meyer



Student looking at Meyer Library demolition

Throughout this month, the demolition of Meyer Library has attracted many spectators and evoked various strong reactions in The Stanford Daily.

Director of Residential Programs and the Leland Scholars Program Warren Chiang wrote: "I must say this resonates with me. Stanford, with its manicured lawns and perfect arches, doesn't leave much room for imperfection, loss, grief, and brokenness. Even the weather is rather homogeneous and mild. It's a meticulously perfect campus in the perfect weather system. The problem is that for me (and for many students I work with), we often feel more like Meyer Library than Memorial Church. Things are half done. Things are nowhere near what we'd like." Read, Ode to (Meyer) a work-in-progress.

Grassy lawns were also the subject of a petition circulated by Stanford seniors Zack Gold, Akshai Baskaran, and Laura Cussen, which garnered over 800 signatures asking the University to replace grass landscaping with drought-tolerant native plants. At issue were plans for a "Meyer Library Green Space" where the demolished building once stood. Read, All Dried Up: Students push for a more drought-tolerant campus.

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March 9, 2016