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Faculty Senate meeting



SUL Rosette

At a Faculty Senate meeting, University Librarian Mike Keller presented several of the Libraries’ latest digital initiatives, including the release of EarthWorks – an online search tool for geographic information systems (GIS), maps and other geographic datasets – and the forthcoming publication of interactive scholarly works in the digital humanities and computational social sciences by Stanford University Press.

The first such work will be Enchanting the Desert, a book-length examination of 40 landscape photographs included in Henry G. Peabody's 1905 slideshow of the Grand Canyon, created by Stanford postdoctoral scholar Nicholas Bauch. Professor John Bender, chair of the Senate's Committee on Libraries, described the need for a hybrid of classic collections and publishing with newer, electronic forms, including e-books, search engines, databases, map searches and modeling: "Most recently, it means the U.S. government mandate to archive research materials generated at the university, and that responsibility has fallen to the library.”

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March 9, 2016