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September Chalk Talk: Broaden your horizons! The NMC Horizon Report > 2015 Library Edition, with insider perspective from Mimi Calter



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The recently released New Media Consortium Horizon Report > 2015 Library Edition "...examines key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in technology for their impact on academic and research libraries worldwide." SUL's own Mimi Calter participated on the NMC Expert Panel that selected the six trends, six challenges, and six technology developments that are covered in the Report.

Please join Mimi and other Library colleagues to discuss, debate, and learn from this edition of the Horizon Report!

Who: All SUL and Coordinate Library staff
When: Thursday, September 24, 2015, 2:30-4 pm
Where: Green Library, IC Classroom

This Chalk Talk is part of our annual series of professional (yet informal) literary salons.  Download the Report and dive right in, or select a couple of the 18 library-focused topics that are of special interest to you, whether that is "rethinking library spaces," "embracing the need for radical change," "information visualization," or "the Semantic Web and Linked Data."  These topics, and many more (14, to be exact), are covered in the Report, and are ripe for debate, discussion, disagreement, and/or decision-making.

The Horizon Reports are created following an unusual and interesting methodology, described on the NMC's Horizon Project wiki.  Our salong-style discussion, animated by Mimi's insider perspective, promises to be horizon-broadening and enlightening.

NMC Horizon Report > 2015 Library Edition

Download the Horizon Report > 2015 Library Edition here.

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