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Office 365 Email and Calendar - helpful links and known issues



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It’s now been 2 months (Aug.3) since we moved to Office 365. We are all still getting used to the new system, which is, in a number of ways, very different from Zimbra. Here are some links that may be of help:

There have been a few issues reported, but most pertain to meeting ownerships being overtaken, and excessive emails about events involving more than one person. Generally, this is caused by responding to calendar events on an iOS mobile device. Doing so will break the meeting link you are creating or break the ownership of the meeting to which you are responding. There is a fix that isn’t yet on the Known Issues page - download the Outlook app to your iOS mobile device, which will allow you to create, respond to, etc., any calendar event. We will be demoing and assisting users with this at the next Mobile Users Group meeting on October 20 from 10:30 to Noon in the IC Classroom, Rm. 161 behind the IC Desk in Green East.

We have had a couple of reports of meeting ownership being taken while using OWA, the web version. We also know that the Outlook application on the Mac does not allow users to add shared calendars. We currently have a HelpSU ticket in to University IT for these two issues.

University IT has provided an “Office 365 Known Issues” page, which is fairly comprehensive.

If you experience any issues that are not listed on the Known Issues site, please forward them to the SUL Tech support email list with a description of what the problem is and what, if anything, you have tried in order to alleviate the problem.

Many thanks!

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