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With the closure of Crothers Way for the Hoover construction, there has been a marked increase in people attempting to use the mailroom as an entrance into Green. Please remember that the primary function of the mailroom and loading dock is the receipt and sending of shipments, mail and their sorting and distribution. It is not a designated entrance or exit for the building, and should not be used as an access route for anyone who does not have business involving the mailroom or loading/unloading of collections.

Students, faculty, and other visitors should never use the mailroom to enter or exit Green Library, and staff, including staff who have been granted card access to the mailroom by the University Librarian, should only access the room for mailroom-related business. This is true even during the posted public hours for the mailroom.  

Occasionally, vendors who are working with staff will bring deliveries to the mailroom. The use of the dock requires prior authorization, and vendors must contact their local library contact on arrival. Also, note that regular deliveries to the loading dock from SAL 3, FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS will take priority over these exceptional deliveries. And, don’t forget that mailroom hours sometimes change on short notice. 
Signs have been posted outside the mailroom as a reminder that it is not to be used as an entrance. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our building secure.
by Mimi Calter

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March 9, 2016