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Green Library roof project



Green Library, east portal entrance

A portion of the roof in Green Library (east) is scheduled to be repaired during Spring Intersession. The job will involve crane lifts from Lausen Mall on the two weekends bracketing Spring Intersession.

The roof repair is using a 'Cold Process.’ Compared to the traditional hot-asphalt process, odors are significantly reduced with this roofing method. The project has been preplanned to an extensive degree to engineer out potential odor entrainment. Although odors from the roofing project may still be noticeable at certain times more than others, EH&S has assessed that the project will not pose an occupational health exposure risk to building occupants.

IMPORTANT: To minimize potential odor drift into the building, staff are asked to keep windows and doors closed during the installation period.

Staff should also be aware that other potential impacts during the roofing project may include some noise and vibration. It is possible that noise generated will be noticeable at various points throughout the course of the project’s timeline, but will likely be only a minor inconvenience.

At any time, if staff have general concerns about the project, they should report it to their supervisor who will communicate with the project and building management. If building occupants have any health-related concerns or questions, EH&S may be contacted at 723-0448.

Here is the breakdown of the schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 15th - Friday, March 18th - Mobilization and construction of the filter bank.
  • Saturday, March 19th - Sunday, March 20th -Roof tear-off and crane lift and placement of debris boxes.
  • Monday, March 21st - Friday, March 25th - Roof installation
  • Saturday, March 26th - Sunday, March 27th - Crane lift to remove equipment

Weather permitting this schedule will be followed.

The roofing crew and subcontractors will be having a crew of up to 20 workers at peak and will be working from approximately 8am - 6pm. They will be using the North Entry for entry and exit.

If you have any questions regarding this project, you may contact Jon Florez, Stanford LBRE Project Manager, or Jacob Cohn, Green Library Building Manager.

By Jacob Cohn

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