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Stanford Libraries promotes R User community



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The Stanford Libraries have started an initiative to bring together users of the open source data analysis software R from all over campus. Our goal is to build a robust community of Stanford R users to better support campus research and teaching. We will be co-sponsoring the useR conference this year and hope to bring together both experts and new users to provide each other with expert support around R.

To kick off this initiative we are launching a website -- -- where you will find detailed information about resources from the Libraries, including:

  • workshops, 
  • consulting, 
  • online help guides, 
  • finding data to use in your analyses, and 
  • managing and preserving your research projects.

Be part of a vibrant R community!

While some R expertise resides within the Libraries, we know that far more expertise resides within the R users on Stanford's campus. Here are a few examples of how you can get involved:

  • Are you interested in R related information? Join our mailing list:
  • Do you teach a workshop, an online tutorial, or a class that you would like us to add to our resource list? Email with a brief summary and a link.
  • Are you a researcher using R? Email with a brief summary and link to the project to feature on our website.
  • Would you like to meet Stanford R users face to face? Host a meetup and let us know!

For any questions, please contact Please help us spread the word!

By Claudia Engel