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David Rumsey Map Center in National Geographic



Painted Green Library Bing Wing stairwell leading up to the David Rumsey Map Center.

"One of the World's Great Map Collections," a quote taken in part from the title of an article published by National Geographic on the newly opened David Rumsey Map Center.

"The new David Rumsey Map Center at Stanford University feels like a secret clubhouse for map lovers. To get there, you pass through a nondescript door in the library and climb two flights of stairs. But it’s not just any stairwell: The walls are painted floor to ceiling with colorful maps.

At the top, glass doors etched with George Montague Wheeler’s 1883 topographical map of Yosemite Valley open into a large room where slowly spinning globes sit atop wood bookcases stuffed with ancient atlases. A wall-sized screen cycles through images of ancient and modern maps."

Read the National Geographic article, Now Anyone Can Visit One of the World's Great Map Collections, by Greg Miller, April 19, 2016.

The opening of the David Rumsey Map Center was also featured in "WIRED." Read: Stanford Is About to Have the Dopest Map Collection on Earth.