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Libraries events and exhibits



Library events and exhibits web page screen shot for April 2016

Have you visited the SUL Events and Exhibits web page lately? The Libraries have many events scheduled for the next couple of months.

Highlights for this month are: a discussion/lecture by Professor Niels Brügger on the fundamental challenges related to researcher use of the archived web; a book talk with Stanford Professor Margaret Neale on her book, Getting (More of) What You Want; many events dedicated to the highly anticipated opening of the David Rumsey Map Center; and the ongoing Baltic Film Series, featuring "The Master Plan" film screening.

Please see the SUL Events and Exhibits page for the entire list of happenings in the coming months!

We encourage those with upcoming events and exhibits to continue to post on the Stanford Events website as these items are automatically fed into the SUL Events and exhibits page. However, be sure to post your event/exhibit under the general "Stanford University Libraries" department. Events posted under other departmental or specific library names will not feed into our site.