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SUL subject specialist recognition at SLA Conference - June 2016



SUL Rosette

This year, at SLA’s Annual Coference in June, Stanford will be recognized for its outstanding scholarly article output by Stanford Libraries' subject specialist librarians.

Every five years at SLA's Annual Convention there is an event before an audience of about 200 university affiliated subject specialists in which there is a countdown of the top universities in the US in terms of the number of papers their subject specialist librarians published over the previous five years in a standardized assortment of 14 library journals. From 2011-2015, librarians in the sciences, law, business etc., from 261 US universities published 1,667 papers of research or professional commentary. (There were also 53 foreign universities, which contributed 230 papers and over 100 from non-university special librarians from places like the US NLM, or Royal Academies and National museums of a variety of European nations.)

Not surprisingly, Stanford was in the top 25. The exact rank is withheld until the countdown, and then the background data will be published in a library journal article on an Open Access basis so that not only librarians from across the US, but also their PR officers and university leaderships can see for themselves how this was determined.

For those attending the Conference this year, please plan on attending, "Do the WRITE stuff" on Monday, June 13!

For more information, see the SLA 2016 Annual Conference website.