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SULAIR News retired - gone but not forgotten



It may take some time getting used to the new version of the SUL News bulletin, but for those of us who can boast having seen many iterations of the staff news bulletin, this isn't the first time the bulletin has changed names or venues.

SULAIR News, SUL/AIR News, and SUL News Notes were all predecessors of our latest SUL News page. Keeping all those titles straight is half the fun. If you’d like to see the various aliases of the libraries’ staff newsletter, and how the newsletter itself has progressed over the past two decades (plus), check out some of the back issues; you’re sure to find some “titles to make you smile”!

Reminder: You will still be able to access and perform search queries on the old SULAIR News site as well as have access to the back-issues link (also located on this site) to view the various editions/aliases of the staff news bulletin.

by Kelly Fields

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March 9, 2016