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You, and your brain, matter to us. Wear a helmet.



Bikes in front of Green Library

We all know that Stanford is one of the most bike-friendly campuses in the country; and biking to, from, and around campus is a great alternative to driving.

Here at the libraries, we support safe biking. We encourage you to protect yourself and your brain by always wearing a helmet when biking. You should also protect your bike by always using a lock when parking your bike around campus.

Library staff can borrow bikes from the Library Facilities Department for use within the University during business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm). To reserve a bike for campus use during the day, email Facilities at Helmets and U-locks are provided.  Staff using library bikes must use either their own helmet or check out a helmet from facilities for use.

For more information on bike safety, check out this article on Parking and Transportation's website.
Spotlight on bike safety: Tips for safe riding this fall


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