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Christopher Matson

Reference and Instruction Librarian


  • (650) 736-8341

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Christopher's role in the library

I'm a reference librarian at the Information Center desk and I conduct library workshops and provide research support for students, primarily in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) and Structured Liberal Education (SLE). I am responsible for collecting materials for the Information Center, in both print and electronic formats. I am also currently serving at the interim selector for Philosophy.

Course Guides by Christopher

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 1CGA Spring 2013 Popular Science to Girl Talk: Writing as Adaptation and Remix Gerben, C.
PWR 1GBR Spring 2013 Spill: The Rhetoric of Confessions and Self-Revelations Richardson, R.
PWR 2CA Winter 2013 Networked Rhetoric: Social Networks, Participatory Media and the Future of Writing and Research Alfano, C.
PWR 2CK Fall 2013 Speaking Out: Claiming Citizenship, Demanding Rights Kamrath, C.
PWR 2SS Fall 2012 Mass Audiences and Modern Communication Schuyler, S.
PWR 1CK Spring 2014 Investigating the News: Journalism, Technology & the Future Kamrath, C.
PWR 1JL Winter 2014 'Saving Strangers': Rhetoric and Humanitarian Intervention Lee, J.
PWR 1GTJ Spring 2013 Rhetoric of the Unruly: Iconoclasts and Their Controversies Jimenez, T.
PWR 1GCA Spring 2013 AH! Real Monsters: The Rhetoric of Monstrosity in Popular Culture Awkward-Rich, C.
PWR 1GSO Winter 2014 Varieties of Conservative Experience Osadetz, S.
SLE Spring 2013 SLE: Karl Marx Watkins, G.
MLA 102 Fall 2013 The Long Nineteenth Century Paulson, L.
ESF 4/4A Fall 2013 Learning to Change Driscoll and Shirazi
PWR 1GAL Spring 2014 The Rhetoric of Disgust Law, A.
PWR 1GGZ Winter 2014 The Rhetoric of Race in American Cinema Garza, A.
PWR 1 EE Spring 2015 Prowling Toward Certainty: Exploration as Argument Ellis, E.
PWR 1BR Spring 2014 Healthy or Cutthroat: The Rhetoric of Competition Richardson, B.
PWR 2MS Spring 2014 Musical Parodies, Political Satire, & Late-Night Comedy: The Rhetoric of Humor Stroud, M.
PWR 1GMH Spring 2014 Transformative Turns: The Rhetoric of Revolution Hernandez, M.
Jr Statesmen Summer 2014 Jr Statesmen JSA Summer School
PWR 1EV Autumn 2014 The Rhetoric of Globalization Vanden Bussche, Eric


MS, Library and Information Science, Drexel University
MA, French, University of Delaware
BA, French, Spanish and German, University of Delaware