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Grace Baysinger

Head Librarian and Bibliographer of the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library
Grace Baysinger


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Organic Chemistry Building, Room 118B

Grace's role in the library

I am the subject specialist for students, faculty, and staff who need help using chemistry and chemical engineering resources and am the primary liaison for the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Departments. My responsibilities include managing the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library, developing and managing Swain's library collection, providing reference help and library instruction, and consulting and performing database searches. Behind the scenes, I collaborate and cooperate closely with other Stanford Librarians to deliver services and build library collections.  I also contribute to library-wide activities such as playing a lead role for xSearch, a search service that allows users to search 250+ resources at one time.



Topic Guides by Grace

Guide Last Updated Subject tag
Nano 2014-11-27 Chemistry, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Chemical engineering, Materials science and engineering
Patents 2016-02-05 Chemistry, Engineering
Physical properties of materials 2015-04-07 Materials science and engineering, Mechanical design, Mechanical engineering
Career resources for chemists and chemical engineers 2015-08-15 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Chemical engineering 2015-03-13 Chemical engineering
Chemical engineering resources for students 2016-01-26 Chemical engineering
Inorganic chemistry 2016-02-08 Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry 2015-10-01 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry 2014-05-01 Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Physical properties for chemists and chemical engineers 2016-02-16 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Polymer science and engineering 2015-06-04 Chemistry, Polymer science and engineering, Chemical engineering
Science and technology news 2015-03-04 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Mobile apps for chemists and chemical engineers 2015-11-12 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Analytical chemistry 2014-10-07 Chemistry, Analytical chemistry
Grants and funding for science & engineering 2014-09-23 Aquatic studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Engineering, Environmental studies, Mathematics and statistics, Physics and astronomy
Geochemistry 2015-09-21 Geochemistry
Lab safety 2016-02-12 Toxicology and chemical safety, Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Medicinal and biological chemistry 2015-03-13 Chemistry, Biochemistry
Leland Scholars Program 2015-08-11 Biology, Chemistry, Environmental studies, Physics and astronomy
Chemistry resources for students 2015-01-22 Chemistry
Mass spectrometry 2016-03-10 Chemistry, Analytical chemistry
Sci-tech: Public outreach 2015-08-06 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Ethics, IP, and data 2015-03-01 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Grammar and style 2015-03-03 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Scholarly publishing 2016-02-22 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Written communication 2015-08-16 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Visual communication 2015-03-01 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Oral presentations 2015-02-28 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Multimedia presentations 2015-03-02 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Communication 2015-02-28 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (General) 2015-12-04 Chemistry, Chemical engineering

Course Guides by Grace

Course number Term Guide Instructor
CHEM 130 / CHEM 132 Winter Quarter 2015 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Vollmer-Snarr, H. / Cox, C.
CHEM 24N Spring 2015 CHEM 24N: Nutrition and history Huestis, W.
CHEM 137 Spring 2015 CHEM 137: Special topics in organic chemistry Trost, B.
CHEMENG 170 Fall 2014 CHEMENG 170: Kinetics and reactor design Bent, S.
CHEMENG 12SC Summer 2014 An Exploration of Art Materials: The Intersection of Art and Science Frank, C.

Professional activities

Professional interests include end-user searching and the development of search interfaces, collection development and management, and issues associated with scholarly publications. 

Current professional activities:

  • Royal Society of Chemistry Publications, Library Advisory Board Member, 2011 - present
  • Journal of Chemical Education, Editorial Advisory Board Member,  2010 - present
  • ACS Joint Board Council Committee on Chemical Abstracts, Member, 2010 - present, Chair, 2013
  • ACS Chemical Information Division. Education Committee, Member, 2010 - present, Chair, 2013
  • CSA (Chemical Structure Association) Trust, Trustee (2007 - present), Newsletter Editor (2012 - present)
  • Bio-Rad Advisory Board for KnowItAll U, Member, 2007 - present
  • Collaborative Working Group of GDCh CIC - ACS CINF, Member, 2005 - present
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, Editorial Advisory Board Member, 1999 - present
  • Science of Synthesis (Thieme), Advisory Board Member, 1999 - present

Selected publications

  • Special Libraries Association, Chemistry Division and American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Information.  Marion Peters, Grace Baysinger, and Cory Craig (Editors of 2nd Revised Edition).  2012.  Information Competencies for Chemistry Undergraduates: the elements of information literacy. URL:
  • Grethe G, Baysinger G, Deplanque R, Fels G, Fresen I, Twiss-Brooks A, Zimmermann G. 2011.  XCITR - Explore Chemical Information Teaching Resources. CCCE (ACS Division of Chemical Education, Committee on Computers in Chemical Education.) Newsletter. 2011; (Fall): Paper 1.  URL:
  • Baykoucheva S, Baysinger G.  2011.  A New Reality for Academic Chemistry Librarians: An Interview with Grace Baysinger</a>. Chemical Information Bulletin. 63 (3): 17-20. URL:
  • Baysinger G., Cramer, T.J. 2011. Using xSearch for Accelerating Research : Review of Deep Web Technologies Federated Search Service.  The Charleston Advisor 13 (2): 55-60. URL:
  • Baysinger, G. 2011.  Electronic theses and dissertations: Ethical and publishing issues.  Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 241 (CHED-1242), MAR 27 2011.  URL:
  • Baysinger, G.  2010.  Getting the biggest bang for your buck: Methods and strategies for managing journal collections. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society.  240 (CINF-21), AUG 22 2010.  URL:



A.M.L.S., Library Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (1981)
B.S., Botany, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (1978)
A.S., Science, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kalamazoo, MI (1974)