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Julie Sweetkind-Singer

Assistant Director of Geospatial, Cartographic and Scientific Data & Services
Head of the Branner Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections
Julie Sweetkind-Singer


  • (650) 725-1102
Branner Library

Julie's role in the library

I am the subject specialist for maps and geospatial information systems data.  In that role, I oversee purchasing of digital and paper maps as well as geospatial information.  I answer questions related to the discovery and use of these materials.  

Much of my time is spent managing project work such as acquiring and cataloging collections of rare maps, fostering relationships with the map community to gain access to private collections for scanning purposes, and working directly with faculty and students to find and use these materials.

We have currently released a search engine, EarthWorks, that allows for geospatial discovery, exploration and downloading.

Course Guides by Julie

Course number Term Guide Instructor
GES 55Q Winter 2016 GES 55Q: The California Gold Rush Dennis K Bird

Professional activities

Current activities

National Geospatial Advisory Committee (2014-2016), Chair 2016, Vice-chair 2015
Advisory Board Member, Geospatial Data Preservation Clearinghouse
Advisory Board Member, Geographic Information Literacy Project
Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML)
American Library Association, Map and Geospatial Round Table (MAGIRT)
Faculty, California Rare Book School (2013, 2015)

Prior activities

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Map and Geography Libraries
Cartographic Users Advisory Committee (CUAC) for WAML
Faculty, Australasian Rare Book School (January 2015)

Selected publications

Austin, Robert, J. Sweetkind-Singer and D. DiSera, "The Changing Geospatial Landscape: A Second Look." National Geospatial Advisory Committee, December 2015.

Sweetkind-Singer, J. and A. Hodge. Salmon Data on the Hook: Preserving Scientific Data for the Future. Western Region Colloquium, United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, July 14, 2014.  (video link here)

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Heckrotte, W., ed. and J. Sweetkind, assistant ed. (1999) California 49: Forty-Nine Maps of California from the Sixteenth Century to the Present. San Francisco: California Map Society.


MLIS (Library and Information Science): San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
MBA: University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
BA (English/History): University of Colorado, Boulder, CO