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Tom Cramer

Assistant University Librarian
Director, Digital Library Systems & Services
Chief Technology Strategist




Tom's role in the library

As the Assistant University Librarian and Director of Digital Library Systems and Services, I oversee the development and delivery of Stanford’s digital library services that support teaching, learning and research. This includes a wide range of systems, like SearchWorks and the Stanford Digital Repository, and operations supporting digitization, discovery, delivery, preservation and management of digital resources.

These services are all based on a combination of software (mostly open source) and Stanford's digital library cyberinfrastructure (or what we like to call "lyberstructure"). I direct a fabulous team of system administrators, architects and software engineers to build and maintain a combination of robust data center systems that have scaled up to support Stanford's demands for digital asset management and preservation, and loosely coupled asset management services and middleware for content processing.

Digitization also serves as a cornestone of Stanford's digital library program, and within DLSS I oversee and support a team that operates one of the nation's leading digitization programs. Built to support Stanford's research mission, SUL's digitization program has an awesome combination of breadth and depth, quality and throughput. With nationally recognized expert staff, we have the capacity to digitize books, manuscripts, images, maps, archives, audio, video, film and legacy computer files

As the Chief Technology Strategist for SUL, I often engage in the wider digital library arena. I am  the founder and a driver of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), and serve as the Chair of its Coordinating Committee. I am also a founder and leader of the Hydra Project; a catalyst and leader for Fedora 4 and founding member of the Fedora steering group; and the first adopter and an active contributor to Blacklight. These three successful open source projects, rooted in higher education, provide effective and competitive solutions for dealing with digital asset management and digital information access. 

I teach workshops on digital preservation, am the Chair and Co-Director of PASIG (the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group), and serve on the steering committees for Open Repositories and the International Internet Preservation Coalition (IIPC). I'm also a member of the DuraSpace Board of Directors.

Professional activities

Founder and Chair of the Coordinating Committee, International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)  

Co-Founder, the Hydra Project

Steering Group Member, Fedora Repository

Steering Group Member, International Internet Preservation Coalition

Chair and Co-Director, Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG)

Member, Blacklight Strategic Advisory Group

Member, DuraSpace Board of Directors

Steering Group Member and Past Program Chair, Open Repositories