Research services

Subject Librarians

Support research, teaching, and learning through their advanced expertise in a wide range of subject areas.

Bibliography Management

Tips for using bibliographic citation management tools, including RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, and Mendeley.

Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research (CIDR)

CIDR unites several Library services and resources in support of computational social sciences and digital humanities.

Data and statistical software

Support for finding and using social science data for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Data visualization

Data Management Services

The main goal of Data Management Services is to assist Stanford University's researchers with the organization, management, and curation of research data in order to enhance its preservation and access now and in the future.
Scanning a book on the Atiz BookDrive Pro

Digitization services

Stanford University provides high quality digitization services (digital scanning, reformatting and capture of born digital materials).

General reference

Get research help in person, or through email, phone, or instant chat.

Multimedia and technology

Hardware, software, training, and consulting for students, faculty, and instructors using multimedia in their work.

Research alerts

Receive automatic notifications about new research in any area you choose.

Special & archival collections reference

Assistance in finding and using manuscripts, rare books, archival materials, and other Special Collections resources.

SUL logo

Stanford Digital Repository

The Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) offers services for preserving and managing access to research content at Stanford. Faculty, students, and departments across campus use the SDR for archiving content of long-term value to the University in support of research and teaching. The SDR also preserves SUL's extensive digital library collections. Find information on SDR services, technology, FAQs, and more at this site.
Stanford Geospatial Center Logo

Stanford Geospatial Center

Stanford's GIS specialists are curators for geospatial, digital map, and GIS resources.