Access fees

There are no fees associated with access to content deposited in SDR. Content that you deposit in the SDR will be available without charge to researchers and scholars (while upholding the appropriate access restrictions you have specified).   

Long-term preservation fees

We are currently in the process of establishing an overall pricing model for SDR Services.  We are evaluating pricing models designed to cover the costs of long-term preservation, such as storage, as well as best-in-class preservation activities, such as maintaining file integrity, multiple mirrored storage locations for file redundancy and development of administrative tools.

At this time, there are no fees associated with depositing content using SDR Online Deposit, which is optimized for collections of items that can be deposited manually and that are typically less than 8-10 GB per item.   

For larger collections which require bulk deposit or project support such as metadata preparation, please contact us to discuss associated costs.