SDR benefits

Benefits to depositing in the Stanford Digital Repository include:

  • Confidence that digital content is safely and redundantly stored now and into the future, regardless of inevitable changes in storage systems.

  • Reliable access to digital content from persistent, unchanging web links (PURLs), so that citations and references to deposited content do not break.

  • Control when deposited content is made public through the use of an optional embargo, deferring public access for a specific period (typically no more than three years) while the content is protected from loss or data corruption in the SDR.

  • Broad visibility and embeddability of content through a rich information discovery environment that leverages SearchWorks, the library catalog, and the latest advances in search, browse, and data-linking technologies.

  • Support for intellectual property rights and licences by displaying attribution statements and applicable license information.

  • Delivery of content via a suite of integrated web applications for resources of all types and formats.

  • Digital preservation expertise covering the full lifecycle of digital content preservation, including: content capture and encoding; metadata specifications; and file format migration.