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Falconer Biology Library / Math-Stat Library

Inviting study space. Collection emphasizes life sciences, including Biology course reserves and department theses.

Topic guides

Guide Created by Last Updated Subject tag
Grants and funding for science & engineering Rachael M Davis 2014-09-23 Aquatic studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Engineering, Environmental studies, Mathematics and statistics, Physics and astronomy
General biology Michael L Newman 2014-06-04 Biology
Biodiversity Michael L Newman 2014-06-03 Biology, Earth sciences, Climate and weather, Global ecology
Cell biology Michael L Newman 2015-01-21 Biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Medicine and health
Developmental biology Michael L Newman 2014-05-16 Biology, Developmental biology, Medicine and health
Ecology Michael L Newman 2014-06-04 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Toxicology and chemical safety, Earth sciences, Environmental studies
Wetlands and aquatic environments Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-06-04 Aquatic studies, Marine biology, Biology, Environmental studies
Sleep science Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-05-16 Biology, Neuroscience
Population biology Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-05-16 Biology, Population studies (Biology)
Nucleic acid analysis Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-09-10 Biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology
Neurobiology Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-05-16 Biology, Neuroscience, Medicine and health, Neuroscience (psychology)
Microbiology Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-05-16 Biology, Molecular and cellular biology, Medicine and health
Evolutionary biology Michael L Newman 2014-05-16 Biology, Genetics, Population studies (Biology)
Insect biology Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-06-04 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Global ecology
Genetics and genomics Zeynep Buyukonal 2014-09-10 Biology, Developmental biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology, Population studies (Biology)
Leland Scholars Program Grace Baysinger 2015-08-11 Biology, Chemistry, Environmental studies, Physics and astronomy

Course guides

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 1JS Spring 2015 Beyond DNA: The Omics Revolution Stonaker, J.
PWR 1RC Fall 2014 Domestication: How Humans Shape the Natural World Carpenter, R.
PWR 2JS Fall 2014 Eureka!: The Rhetoric of the Scientist Jennifer Stonaker