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Green is Stanford University's main research library, and has collections in the humanities, social sciences, area studies, and interdisciplinary areas.

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Technology support, East Asia Library, and 24-hour study locations.

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Topic guides

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Find images Peter P Blank 2015-06-02 Art, General and interdisciplinary, Images, History, Science and engineering

Course guides

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 1DH Winter 2015 The Virtue of Vice and the Vice of Virtue: The Rhetoric of Criminality Hunter, D.
PWR 1AT Winter 2013 A Mountain for Itself: The Rhetoric of Wilderness Todhunter, A.
PWR 2SPA Fall 2015 Other Selves: The Art & Science of Friendship Pittock, S.
PWR 2SLA Fall 2014 Information Design: The Visual Language of Graphic Communication Lee, S.
PWR 1CR Spring 2014 Writing nature: discourses in ecology, culture, and technology Ross, C.
PWR 1CS Spring 2013 Debating the Environment Shekhar, C.
PWR 1VS Spring 2013 Eating-Animals: The Rhetoric of Animals, Food, and the Environment Stanescu, V.
PWR 1CGA Spring 2013 Popular Science to Girl Talk: Writing as Adaptation and Remix Gerben, C.
PWR 1GBR Spring 2013 Spill: The Rhetoric of Confessions and Self-Revelations Richardson, R.
PWR 2EP Spring 2014 Global Protest and Civil Unrest: The Rhetoric of Resistance Polk, Emily
PWR 1RC Fall 2014 Domestication: How Humans Shape the Natural World Carpenter, R.
PWR 2CA Winter 2013 Networked Rhetoric: Social Networks, Participatory Media and the Future of Writing and Research Alfano, C.
PWR 2CK Fall 2013 Speaking Out: Claiming Citizenship, Demanding Rights Kamrath, C.
PWR 2GAW Fall 2012 Global Exchange: Intercultural Communication Watters, A.
PWR 2SS Fall 2012 Mass Audiences and Modern Communication Schuyler, S.
PWR 2SGA Spring 2013 Lie Detection and the Social Functions of Deception Streit, S.
PWR 2CR Winter 2016 Communicating science Ross, C.
PWR 2KM Spring 2015 A Planet on the Edge: The Rhetoric of Sustainable Energy Moekle, K.
PWR 1GWS Winter 2013 Body politics: the rhetoric of transhumanism Shephard, A.
PWR 1GCO Spring 2013 To Boldly Go: The Rhetoric of Travel Johnson, C.
PWR 1MG Spring 2013 The Rhetoric of the American West Gemma, M.
PWR 1JL Winter 2014 'Saving Strangers': Rhetoric and Humanitarian Intervention Lee, J.
PWR 1SB Winter 2013 Machine Dreams: The Rhetoric of Technology Brawn, S.
PWR 1VK Winter 2016 Rhetorics of Trauma Hasseltine, V.
PWR 1GLR Spring 2013 Are you Fuzzy and Techie?: The Rhetoric of Art and Science Rogers, L.
PWR 1GSO Winter 2014 Varieties of Conservative Experience Osadetz, S.
PWR 2ST Fall 2014 Science, Democracy and Social Media Starkman, R.

Notable collections

Searchable copyright renewal records received by the US Copyright Office between 1950 and 1993 for books published between 1923 and 1963