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Earth Sciences Library

Map library, GIS support, and collection covering geology, seismology, energy resources engineering & more.

Topic guides

Guide Created by Last Updated Subject tag
Oil and gas maps Hannah Winkler Hamalainen 2015-12-07 Energy resource engineering, Maps
Geologic maps Hannah Winkler Hamalainen 2015-09-12 Geology, Maps
Topographic maps Hannah Winkler Hamalainen 2015-09-12 Earth sciences, Maps, Environmental studies
Soviet military topographic map sets 2015-09-12 Maps
Gazetteers 2015-09-12 Maps
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps 2015-09-12 Maps
Aerial photographs 2013-02-28 Maps
Russia and Eurasia: find statistics, geographical information and maps Karen A Rondestvedt 2015-03-17 Central Asian history, Russian history, Ukrainian history, Central Asian studies, Slavic and Eastern European studies, Russian studies, Ukrainian studies, Geography, Maps
East Central Europe: find statistics, geographical information and maps Karen A Rondestvedt 2015-03-17 East European history, Slavic and Eastern European studies, Polish studies, Geography, Maps
Road maps Julie Sweetkind-Singer 2015-09-12 Maps
Finding Rare Maps Online G. Salim Mohammed 2013-10-18 Rare maps, Geography, Maps
John Speed and John Ogilby, 15-16th Century Cartographers G. Salim Mohammed 2013-12-20 Rare maps, Maps
Geographic Atlases G. Salim Mohammed 2014-06-04 Rare maps, Geography, Maps
Gaihōzu: Japanese Imperial Maps Julie Sweetkind-Singer 2015-10-21 Digital collections, Rare maps, Chinese studies, East Asian studies, Japanese studies, Korean studies, Geography, Maps
Warren Heckrotte gold rush maps Julie Sweetkind-Singer 2016-01-13 Rare maps, Western Americana, Geology, Maps, State government information, US federal government information
Maps to the Masses Julie Sweetkind-Singer 2016-02-05 Rare maps, Maps

Course guides

Course number Term Guide Instructor
CLASSGEN 61N Winter Classical California Grant Parker

Notable collections

Africa / Libya / Morland / mit allen kunigsreichen so zu unsern zeiten darin gefunden werden (Basel, ca. 1545)

Antiquarian maps from all over the world.

The David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University Libraries

18th and 19th century North and South American cartographic materials

Antiquarian maps of Africa from the collections of the late Dr. Oscar I. Norwich and the Stanford University Libraries.

Geology of the Pine Mountain area, Ventura County, California

450 maps and 50 field notebooks survey and map parts of California, Nevada, and Utah.

Subject Librarians

G. Salim Mohammed, Digital and Rare Maps Librarian
Head and Curator, David Rumsey Map Center
(650) 723-5100
Julie Sweetkind-Singer
Assistant Director of Geospatial, Cartographic and Scientific Data & Services, Head of the Branner Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections
(650) 725-1102