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PyMOL — molecular visualization system (PC, Mac, Linux).  Our license agreement expires 12/31/2015.

News - PyMOL 1.7 released

Improvements in PyMOL v1.7

  • Improved labels with connectors, backgrounds, outlines, and multiline text
  • Callouts for general labeling
  • 675 documented settings in the Settings > Edit All GUI
  • New Find Wizard (CTRL-F) for locating objects in the object menu panel

Improvements in AxPyMOL v1.7

  • Option to embed PyMOL files into a PowerPoint file
  • Built as a PowerPoint add-in
  • Added support for presenting Maestro files (.mae and .maegz) 
  • Added support for Windows 8, MS Office 2010, and MS Office 2013 (32- and 64-bit)