COVID-19 update

All libraries are CLOSED due to poor air quality.
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Access to campus libraries is limited.

Please explore our online resources & services. We’re here, ask us!

Connect to e-resources

The Stanford Libraries provide access to thousands of licensed electronic resources.

When you are on the Stanford network:  you can seamlessly connect to these resources from links in SearchWorks, Google Scholar, citation lists, email, and social media.

When you are not on the Stanford network:  e-resource providers need to be aware of your Stanford affiliation and Stanford Libraries' licenses. Without this information, the e-resource provider may ask you to provide personal information and/or pay for access.

To connect to e-resources from any location

Surest option   —   desktop, laptop, mobile

  • Use the e-resource links provided in SearchWorks or on the library website. 
    These links have a Stanford license prefix built in. For journals, you can see the dates covered by our subscription. 

Easy option for broad access   —   desktop, laptop

  • Install the Lean Library browser extension.
    1. Download the extension and follow the prompts to add it to your browser.
    2. Under "Select your library" choose Stanford University.
    3. Click Save.
  • Your browser will now detect Stanford Libraries-licensed resources in any context. You will be prompted to authenticate with your SUNet ID when necessary. 
  • Be sure to uninstall the extension after you graduate or end your Stanford affiliation.

Advanced options   —   desktop, laptop, mobile


Getting help

If you are having a problem with Lean Library extension or if you are unable to connect to an electronic resource:

Lane Medical Library

Lane provides specialized tools and extension for their licensed resources.