Copyright Reminder

Understand what copyrights you hold

The University's copyright policy establishes that all rights in copyright, regardless of their form of expression, remain with the creator, except in specified cases where law or University policy require otherwise.  See Stanford University Research Policy Handbook Section 9.2 which states:

 “Copyright is the ownership and control of the intellectual property in original works of authorship which are subject to copyright law.  It is the policy of the University that all rights in copyright shall remain with the creator unless the work is a work-for-hire (and copyright vests in the University under copyright law), is supported by a direct allocation of funds through the University for the pursuit of a specific project, is commissioned by the University, makes significant use of University resources or personnel, or is otherwise subject to contractual obligations.”

Talk with your colleagues, or with the General Counsel, if you are uncertain of the copyright status of your work.