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Experimental Protocol

In the Linguistics Lab

In the Linguistics Lab

Experiments using human subjects should conform to the department IRB protocol.

The Stanford Department of Linguistics has a general human subjects protocol for doing linguistic experiments that involve no risk or personal information (beyond information that we use to select speakers).  Faculty members listed on the protocol and students they are supervising can do experiments under this protocol as long as they follow the conditions of the protocol.  If you plan to use the protocol, please download and read the protocol.

Read the Experimental Protocol

CITI certification

All people using this protocol must have current CITI certification, which requires successful completion of the CITI tutorial.

Take the CITI tutorial

Before the experiment

Before you begin your experiments, fill out the forms linked below, and send the Lab TA Sharese King an email with your CITI certification. 

Fill out form to record starting an experiment

After the experiment

When you have completed your experiments, fill out the form linked below:

Fill out form to record experiment completion

Consent form

You must use the consent form.  You do not need to get signed consent, but all subjects must read and agree to it.  If you are doing experiments on computer, the consent form can be shown on the computer at the beginning of the experiment.  If you are using Mechanical Turk for your project, use that consent form instead.

If you plan to advertise your experiments, you must use the flyer.



Consent forms

Funding forms for paying human subjects

Questions and contact

If you have questions, contact Professor Penelope Eckert.