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2007 Articles

Deaths in China From Hepatitis B Prompt Bristol, Glaxo Urgency [English]
December 26, 2007:, Shannon Pettypiece
The Stanford Daily
Activist urges HBV vaccination: So stresses danger, prevalence of Hepatitis B among Chinese [English]
November 8, 2007: The Stanford Daily, Michael Ding

Stanford focuses on liver cancer [English]
October 21, 2007: Palo Alto Daily News, Kristina Peterson
ALC in China Newsweek [Chinese, 中文]
October 19, 2007: China Newsweek
Going to the far ends of China to prevent disease [English]
October 3, 2007: Stanford School of Medicine, Mitzi Baker
Stanford researchers find way to fight treacherous Hepatitis B [English]
October 1, 2007: Stanford School of Medicine, Mitzi Baker
Qinghai, China [Chinese, 中文]
October 2007: Life Week
JRYC in Modern Health [Chinese, 中文]
October 2007: Modern Health
华裔医生青海送疫苗 [Chinese, 中文]
September 28, 2007: CR Online
Re: "Ten Largest Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in the United States based on Healthy People 2010 Objectives" [English]
September 18, 2007: American Journal of Epidemiology, Ellen Chang and Samuel So
Asians In S.F. At Risk Of Several Life-Threatening Diseases [English]
September 4, 2007: ABC News
Research: Hepatitis B Among Asian Americans [English]
September 4, 2007: ABC News
Teens are educating their peers on dangers of Hepatitis B virus [English]
August 29, 2007: Cupertino Courier, Cynthia Law
Teens are educating their peers on dangers of Hepatitis B virus [English]
June 26, 2007: CBS News, Thuy Vu
Biotop to support the Hepatitis B vaccination project in Beijing, China [English]
June 12, 2007: Biotop
Asian American TV stars get tested at the Asian Heritage Street Festival [English]
May 14, 2007: SF Hep B Free
City Takes Aim at Hepatitis Among Asian Americans [English]
April 23, 2007: Inter Press Service News Agency, Ngoc Nguyen
Largest Healthcare Campaign for Asian and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. [English]
April 23, 2007: Red Orbit
Healthcare Outreach in Ethnic Communities [English]
April 2007: The Next Generation

Bay Area High School Students Make Major Political Impact [English]
March 14, 2007: California Chronicle
Nokia China Faces Lawsuit Over Rejection of Hepatitis B Carrier [English]
March 14, 2007: Financial Times, Mure Dickie
Virus carrier claims hiring bias [English]
March 7, 2007: China Daily
Among Chinese, Fear and Prejudice About Hepatitis B: Job Discrimination Is Widespread In Land.
February 13, 2007: Washington Post, Maureen Fan

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