Asian Liver Center

Samuel So Executive Director of Asian Liver Center at Stanford University (SingTao Daily)

Determined to fight hepatitis B and liver cancer (Hong Kong newspaper)

Calling Our Nurses: Save AAPIs from Chronic Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer

2011 California Biomedical Industry Report: Dr. Samuel So an epidemic of a preventable disease

At last a global response to viral hepatitis [English]
2010, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Jane Parry

SF Hep B Free Gala [Korean]
September 2010: Korea Times, 한국일보, Peter Schroepfer
Hepatitis B campaign targets Asians in San Francisco [English]
June 4, 2010: NPR, Sarah Varney
Vaccination, education key to stemming Asian hepatitis outbreaks
June 3, 2010: PBS News Hour, Spencer Michels
Advocates fight to cure prejudice [English]
June 1, 2010: China Daily, Joseph Christian

HBV carriers are dreaming of a better tomorrow [English]
June 1, 2010: China Daily, Joseph Christian

The Stanford Daily Hepatitis B Awareness Week: Jade Ribbons but not Jaded Hearts [English]
May 20, 2010: The Stanford Daily

May 2010 National Hepatitis B Awareness Month - San Francisco Hep B Free launches new campaign [English]
May 4, 2010:, Miki Garcia

Viral hepatitis appears on World Health Assembly agenda for first time [English]
May 4, 2010: British Medical Journal, Jane Parry
Bay Area Campaign Raising Hepatitis B Awareness [English]
May 3, 2010: SF Hep B Free Blog

Bay Area Campaign Raising Hepatitis B Awareness [English]
May 3, 2010:, Dr. Kim Mulvihill

In Ads, Plea for Asians to Get Tests for Hepatitis [English]
May 2, 2010: New York Times, Jesse McKinley

Which One Deserves To Die? [English]
May 2, 2010: Audrey Magazine

Preventing Hepatitis B: 3 For Life [Chinese]
March 9, 2010: Ming Pao Daily News

Samuel So on hepatitis B and C [English]
February 11, 2010: Stanford School of Medicine 1:2:1 Podcast

Silent Killer [English]
February 2010: KQED Radio, Perspectives

IOM report recommends steps to tackle hepatitis B and C [English]
Jan 11, 2010: Science Blog

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