Asian Liver Center

Since its founding in 1996, the Asian Liver Center works to close the gaps in the fight against hepatitis B. This has resulted in need-based programs that target critical areas of hepatitis B awareness and prevention.

The Asia and Pacific Alliance to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis

Established in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Asia and Pacific Alliance to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis (APAVH) is a global hepatitis B initiative.

This public-private partnership will focus initially on the 41 countries that comprise the WHO Western Pacific and South-East Asia regions (WPRO) and account for 78 percent of the global burden of hepatitis B infection. APAVH will spearhead capacity building to address and prevent hepatitis B and will be guided by five key goals:

The goals of APAVH are:


  1. Reduce chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection prevalence globally to less than 2 percent in children 0-15 years of age by the year 2015 (by improving and expanding hepatitis B immunization programs).
  2. Increase access to chronic HBV testing and antiviral treatment worldwide to reduce transmission rates and disease mortality and morbidity.
  3. Reduce the blood-borne transmission of hepatitis B.
  4. Advocate for the elimination of discriminatory practices against persons with chronic viral hepatitis in the school and in the workplace.
  5. Build program sustainability through regional and national hepatitis B advocacy and increased awareness.

To learn even more about APAVH:

Corporate Outreach

The Asian Liver Center collaborates with big and small businesses to promote hepatitis B and liver cancer wellness through the workplace.

By providing employees with simple educational tools, they will learn how to take preventative action. Education is also an important tool to end the unfounded discrimination that takes place against the chronically infected.

For more information on how we can help your employees prevent hepatitis B and liver cancer, please visit:

YuCorps Website:

Community Outreach: Hep B Free Campaigns

The Asian Liver Center provides directional support as a steering committee member for the ‘Hep B Free San Francisco’ and ‘Hep B Free Santa Clara County’ campaigns. These motivated initiatives work to increase hepatitis B awareness, testing, vaccination, and treatment among Asians and Pacific Islanders in their respective communities. They do this by forming community-based coalitions to educate health care providers and the general population, and to provide access to low-cost hepatitis B screening and vaccination.

For more information about each campaign and also low-cost screening and vaccination sites, please visit their websites:

Hep B Free Santa Clara County:
Hep B Free San Francisco:
Hep B Free San Mateo:

Hep B Moms
Almost a million people die of liver cancer and liver disease caused by hepatitis B every year even though it is preventable through vaccination and protective shots given at birth. Hep B Moms is dedicated to the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B infection and to protect every child from liver cancer caused by hepatitis B. We are a unique resource that offers tools and educational materials for pregnant women, health care providers, perinatal hepatitis B prevention coordinators, public health officials and anyone seeking to learn more about hepatitis B.
Many pregnant women with chronic hepatitis B are unaware of their infection and could end up silently passing the virus to the next generation at birth. Hep B Moms helps to empower women so they can say “Hep B stops with me.”

To learn more about Hep B Moms:

Youth: Annual Youth Leadership Conference

The Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) on Asian and Pacific Islander Health is a four-day conference for high school students hosted at Stanford University. YLC helps participants build leadership skills and confidence and also acts as a vehicle for education, inspiration, and motivation. Students will have the opportunity to listen to guest lecturers, engage in workshops, and participate in a unique ‘Team Challenge.’ YLC participants ultimately emerge with the capacity to initiate their own health outreach and awareness campaigns in Asian and Pacific Islander communities. For more information:

Youth: Team HBV

Team HBV is a nationwide network of clubs in high schools and colleges that are dedicated to hepatitis B and liver cancer education, awareness, and outreach through innovative activities. The high school and collegiate chapters are each supported by respective national advisory boards to enable effective collaboration and outreach by promoting resource sharing and idea exchange. For more information:

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