Asian Liver Center

Youth and the Asian Liver Center

The Asian Liver Center coordinates numerous programs to educate high school and college youth about hepatitis B and liver cancer, as well as to train and empower them to become leaders in the campaign to unite against these diseases.
Youth Leadership Conference

The Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) on Asian and Pacific Islander Health is a four day conference for high school students hosted at Stanford University. Participants will become educated, inspired and motivated, as well as gain confidence and leadership to initiate their own outreach and awareness health campaigns to Asian and Pacific Islander communities through the lectures from leaders in various fields, workshops, and a unique Team Challenge.

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Team HBV
Team HBV is a nationwide network of clubs in high schools and colleges that are dedicated to hepatitis B and liver cancer education, awareness, and outreach through innovative activities such as Hepatitis B Awareness Week. The high school and collegiate chapters are each supported by respective national advisory boards to enable effective collaboration and outreach by promoting resource sharing and idea exchange.

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