Asian Liver Center

Shenshen Jade Foundation

"Shenshen" means the young and hard-working student in Chinese. This foundation stands that the Peking ALC always makes effort to educate and raise awareness on school campuses. We encourage college students to have activities about Hepatitis B in their schools and communities. With the aim of inspiring student creativity and social responsibility, the Peking ALC has already expanded Team HBV to 20 universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University etc. By coaching the Team HBV students we educate more college and university students and raise awareness among them. We encourage more students to join us and let the Jade Ribbon fly in every campus.

The Peking ALC has built a campus union with 20 universities in Beijing. By collaborating with the students' club and Red Cross Union in every university, we have successfully raised awareness among the youth and let more students know about hepatitis B.
Since 2012, the union collaborating with the Peking ALC has successfully achieved many activities, including "The Competition of HBV Message", "The Competition of the HBV Micro Movie", and "The Beijing Universities' Hepatitis-Educating Promotion Project". These activities have raised awareness about hepatitis B in many campuses. Despite the activities mentioned above, the most impressive program done by the Union and ALC is extending our online course to 20 universities. Through this online course, many students learn more about Hepatitis B.

The introduction of WHD Activities

The PKALC has held a series of activities, including the Photo Wall, the Story Wall, the University Summer Practice Program, and various World Hepatitis Day activities including various NGOs' WHD activities and "Three Wise Monkeys Travel the World for World Hepatitis Day," which was in response to the appeal made by the World Hepatitis Alliance. All the activities made for WHD were the fruition of collaborating with a variety of NGOs and students' teams in campus. And all the activities shared the same aim: advocating public awareness about Hepatitis B and reducing the misunderstanding towards Hep B carriers

Photo Wall

The online photo wall aims to collect messages from the public about hepatitis B. The PKALC wants to share the faith "know the risk, face it!" to the public through this online photo wall. We have successfully collected 355 photos to support WHD.

Story Wall

The story wall focuses on the situation of HBV patients including the fight against HBV discrimination in China. The wall gives HBV carriers a good chance to tell their stories and let the public know what has happened to them. By providing a platform like the story wall, the PKALC wants to let more people be aware of what HBV carriers have faced and know more about Hepatitis B.

Social Practice

In China every university sends out its students to do social practices like education, expedition, or conducting surveys. The PKALC leveraged these opportunities to do some HBV outreach during their trips, which we called The Summer Practice Program. Six summer practice groups from Peking University joined us this summer. By collaborating with the summer practice groups, the Jade Ribbon and its sprit has gone to the Yunnan, Shanxi, Heilongjiang and Gansu Provinces.

Support NGOs

Peking ALC has made efforts to support NGOs for nearly three years in their activities, which focus on advocacy and education about Hepatitis B. All of the NGOs that received our support have had a wide variety of activities on World Hepatitis Day this year, including outreach, training on campus, cycling for raising awareness, and making Hep B advertisement. All the activities done on WHD share the same aim: raising awareness in the public and making efforts to reduce discrimination towards the Hep B carriers.

Three Wise Monkeys Travel the World

The PKALC has joined "Three Wise Monkeys Travel the World" in response to the appeal made by World Hepatitis Alliance. These three wise monkeys represent "speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil." This year, with the help of the PKALC, the wise monkeys were distributed widely in China and traveled to Beijing, Tianjin, Xian, Nanjing, Chengdu and Nanning. This project mainly advocates the public to be aware of Hepatitis B and to reduce the misunderstanding towards Hep B carriers.