Asian Liver Center

The office volunteers in 2012

The office volunteers in 2013

The office volunteers in 2014
Each year, ALC invites about 50 college students as interns or volunteers and works closely with them in health education, program development, and community outreach. With the efforts made by all its team members, the Peking ALC has already set up three departments, including the Human Resource Department, the Market Branding Department and the Project Department. While each department has its own duties and responsibilities, each collaborates well with each other, and together, we create a harmonious working atmosphere. All ALC members share the same goal: to fight against Hepatitis B and to make an effort to build up our Peking ALC.

Personal Stories

“Thinking that it may be the only chance for the students to learn about Hepatitis B, I suddenly realized I was making some difference. Thank ALC for giving me such a good chance to find more potentials inside myself and also protect the kids for a better future.” ——Volunteer in 2014, Chen Yao

“I am very glad to join the ALC; it seems that I found another home here.” ——Intern in 2013, Liu Yangxuan

“It is coincidence for me to join the ALC, and it is my great pleasure to have met all of you during this semester. All members in the ALC are dream-chasers, which I appreciate very much, and I would like to have been with all of you if possible.” ——Volunteer of Market Branding Department in 2013, Wang Chao

“It feels fresh for me to be a volunteer fighting against HBV. I have learned lots working with all the ALC members this semester. Here I would like to thank Linda and Hao in particular; they really helped me in ways I couldn’t learn from books. I have to say that I spent a wonderful time working with everyone in ALC, and I do believe that the Peking ALC will be better and better in the future.” —— Volunteer of Human Recourse Department in 2013, Ye Yichen

“I am very glad to have joined the ALC and to have worked with the other office volunteers this semester. I have learned a lot from everyone and have received help from others, which I appreciate very much! Thanks a lot to the ALC family” ——Volunteer of Project Department in 2013, Jiang Yaxi

“I joined the ALC because I really want to help eradicate hepatitis B and raise people’s awareness! It was great opportunity when I got to know Linda through Dr. So’ s speech. I arranged the first Jade Ribbon activity at Peking University, and met a lot of cute volunteers here!” ——Intern in 2012, Jiang Qi

“One day while I was surfing on the BBS of Peking University, my eyes were suddenly caught by an ALC advertisement recruiting someone who was interested in helping people with HBV. This was the first time of the ALC, and upon my first sighting of the ad, I had made up my mind to join the ALC team and become a Team HBV volunteer. My father has been an HBV carrier for over 20 years. I have always wanted to learn more about the disease in order to help my father and other HBV carriers, but there were few chances for me to achieve my goals until I met the ALC. As we know, there are over 10,000,000 people in Asia who have hepatitis B. We need to make efforts to draw people’s attention to hepatitis B, and I am very glad that I am now doing such meaningful things.” ——Office volunteer in 2012, Wang Hao

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