Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge

Parking & Transportation

Visitor Parking

Visitor metered parking is available at the parking lot located in front of LKSC off Campus Drive. A machine operated by cash or credit card is available to purchase parking.  The cost of parking is $0.75 per half hour with a maximum parking time of 3 hours. Additional visitor parking is located on the Stock Farm lot in the corner of Campus Drive and Welch Road.

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking spots are available at the parking lot located in front of LKSC off Campus Drive.

A & C Permit Parking

The Parking and Transportation website has the most complete information about the regional opportunities for "A" and "C" permit holders around the Medical and Medical Center. 

Riding the bus to LKSC

Please refer to the Parking and Transportation website for information on Marguerite Shuttle routes and schedules.

Event Parking

For assistance with event parking for events hosted at the LKSC Conference Center please contact the Conference Coordinator at (650) 725-6884.

Bicycle Parking and Resources

There are bicycle racks available on the West side of LKSC, as well as bicycle lockers. A repair station is available for your convenience.

In accordance with Stanford University Department of Public Safety, bicycles may not be left inside LKSC.

  • Bicycles shall be parked only in designated racks placed on campus. When parking your bike, don't obstruct walkways, railings, doorways or ramps intended for use by pedestrians or people with disabilities. Improperly parked bikes may be removed and impounded by the Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety shall not be responsible or liable in any way for lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles. Bicycles shall also be kept in good working order and shall not be allowed to deteriorate or become otherwise derelict.
  • If left unattended, a bicycle may be tagged as abandoned with a warning notice by the Department of Public Safety 

To ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and guest- at no time are bicycles allowed to be brought inside LKSC. This policy includes all students, faculty, staff and guest. Bike racks and lockers are located near the building for your convenience.

If a bicycle is found inside LKSC, it may be tagged and removed by the Department of Public Safety. For further information please visit:


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