Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge
Teaching and Learning in LKSC

Teaching and Learning in the LKSC

The AMX touch panels in all classrooms allow you to easily control projection and room settings. To see training videos, visit the AMX Touch Screen Control Panel page.

High Definition (HD) technology in LKSC will help you maximize the quality of your teaching materials. Every projector and display will support full HD quality images and video. For more details, visit the GoHD webpage.

The Li Ka Shing Center's classrooms feature an automated video capture system. Capture is available to anyone reserving a space in the LKSC and is free of charge. Capturing your event is easy! To arrange for capture, all you need to do is request video capture when making your reservation. Your videos are automatically posted online the same evening. For more information, see the Video Services page.

For consultation on other ways to improve your teaching, contact EdTech.

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