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Lane Bookless Library & Knowledge Management Center: Knowledge Connection

In our digital era, waiting for information is as outdated as poring over dusty texts. Placing information at a user’s fingertips, smart libraries will get the right knowledge to the right person, at the right time. Learning and library systems merge into one, optimizing the educational experience. With more than 90 percent of its contents available digitally, Stanford School of Medicine’s Lane Knowledge Management Center will deliver services at the point of need.

Lane Library's main collections remains located at the heart of Stanford University Medical Center in the original 1959 facility until new facilities are built in the future. The new LKSC provides superior medical education spaces and is home to the new Lane Study Commons on the fourth floor. The truly innovative learning spaces and Study Commons in this new building expand our learning space offerings to include collaborative group study spaces for graduate students and medical students and a clinically secure work area for medical students. This new bookless branch of Lane Library provides students with access to physical study spaces as well as our extensive digital collections 24/7. Such a knowledge hub provides flexible interfaces for clinicians, researchers, and students to accelerate learning, streamline the decision-making process, and create a sense of community. Helping the Stanford community sift through a deluge of information, the new library contains technology-enhanced study settings, distributed learning commons, and specialized resource training. By allowing users to access, manipulate, and analyze knowledge, the space seamlessly integrates service and education.

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Floor Plan - LKSC 4th Floor

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