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1/20/20-15 – How to get guaranteed retirement income for life (CNN)

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Given how the market’s been misbehaving lately, it makes perfect sense that immediate annuities’ lifetime payments would hold greater-than-usual appeal to people who are retired or getting ready to call it a career.Even aside from the obvious financial security that assured monthly income can bring, payouts that are guaranteed not to go down no matter how much the market […]

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1/19/2016 – A new approach to do-it-yourself retirement planning (CBS Moneywatch)

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With the decline of traditional pensions, many older workers and retirees face a “do it yourself” retirement: You’re on your own to figure out how to make your retirement savings last for the rest of your life. With retirements that can extend 20 to 30 years or more, this is indeed a daunting challenge for […]

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1/18/2016 – As More Pay by Smartphone, Banks Scramble to Keep Up (The New York Times)

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Americans in their 20s and early 30s, analysts say, offer a glimpse of tomorrow’s banking market. “Their relationship with the financial system is very different — it’s an electronic one, on their smartphones,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “That can and will be very disruptive to the banking system.” Money is pouring […]

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12/18/2015 – How The Heck Do You Pay Off Your College Loans? (NPR)

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Even some of those seeking the nation’s highest office have weighed in on college debt with payment plans and relief proposals. Voters and the media ask for details on the campaign trail. And that highlights a remarkable shift: Policymakers and politicians are paying attention to this issue like never before. Read the full article in […]

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12/17/2015 – America’s two-parent families reach lowest point in 50 years (MarketWatch)

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The modern family has replaced the traditional family. The share of children living in a two-parent household is at the lowest point in more than half a century, according to a new report, “Parenting in America,” released Thursday by the Pew Research Center, a non-profit and nonpartisan think-tank in Washington, D.C. Some 69% of children […]

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12/16/2015 – How to Handle Your Finances as the Fed Raises Interest Rates (The New York Times)

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The Fed has set in motion a gradual increase in the federal funds rate,which is the interest rate banks and depository institutions charge one another for overnight loans. But that rate, central as it is to the making of monetary policy, has only a wobbly effect on how banks and other financial institutions price certain loans […]

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12/16/2015 – Yes, your student debt burden is worse than everyone else’s (MarketWatch)

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Recent college graduates may intuitively feel that they have it worse than their peers who graduated a decade ago. Now they can really see the difference. The average student debt at graduation soared 56% to $28,950 in 2014 from $18,550 in 2004, according to a new graph based on data released earlier this yearby the Institute […]

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12/15/2015 – The Experts Were Wrong About the Best Places for Better and Cheaper Health Care (The New York Times)

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New research has looked not only at Medicare but also at a huge, new database drawn from private-insurance plans – the sorts used by most Americans for health care. And it shows that places that spend less on Medicare do not necessarily spend less on health care over all. Grand Junction, as it happens, is one of the […]

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12/14/2015 – Employers fail to educate retirees on retirement medical benefits (Benefits Pro)

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Surveys conducted by Towers Watson indicated a large disconnect between what employers say they did, and what retirees remember being told about their medical benefits before they retired.While 43 percent of retirees surveyed said their employers took no steps at all to help them understand and manage the cost of retiree medical benefits before they retired, […]

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12/13/2015 – Where Millennials Go for Financial Advice (The Wall Street Journal)

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Scarred by the Great Recession and laden with student debt, few millennials are in the mood, or in a position, to seek out a traditional financial adviser. But they need financial advice just the same.Hence the arrival of new and unconventional approaches that try to help 20- and 30-somethings start saving and investing. These range […]

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