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12/26/2015 – Ageism, Attitude and Health

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Buying into old-age putdowns is bad for you. Here’s why. Older adults who are exposed to negative age stereotypes may experience increases in blood pressure and higher stress levels. Read the full article at U.S. News and World Report.

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12/26/20015 – Are Your 20′s Too Young To Plan For Retirement?

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There are a bunch of stereotypes out there that millennials consider themselves young and invincible. Modern millennials are making progress in dismantling that particular stereotype. It turns out that, when it comes to buying healthcare at least, today’s twenty-somethings are fairly risk-averse, preferring coverage with lower deductibles and higher premiums. But does that forward-thinking tendency […]

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12/25/2015 – The Wisdom of the Aged

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For six New Yorkers age 85 and older, whose lives were followed throughout the year, old age is a mixture of happiness and sadness, with less time wasted on anger and worry. Read the full article at The New York Times.

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12/22/2015 – As Aging Brain’s Internal Clock Fades, A New Timekeeper May Kick In

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Ever notice the catnaps that older relatives take in the middle of the day? Or how grandparents tend to be early risers? You’re not alone. Colleen McClung did, too. A neuroscientist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, McClung wanted to know what was going on in the brain that changes people’s daily rhythms as […]

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12/13/2015 – An Alzheimer’s diagnosis doesn’t have to mean an end to traveling

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Traveling with someone who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia is possible, but there are extra precautions to take, says Monica Moreno, the director of early-stage initiatives for the Alzheimer’s Association. The nonprofit regularly sends people with early stage Alzheimer’s to events across the country, and Moreno often travels with them. Read the full […]

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12/12/2015 – The Diabetes Drug That Could Be an Anti-Aging Miracle

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Metformin, a generic diabetes pill, is the subject of a new study on its anti-aging properties. But pharmaceutical companies are in no rush to invest in a drug that alleviates the issues involved with aging—and eliminates the need for other profitable medicines. Read the full article at Newsweek.

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12/7/2015 – Why going to the dentist is so hard for the elderly

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Good dental hygiene is important to overall health, and chronic illnesses and medications can worsen oral health. Yet providing dental care to seniors is fraught with challenges. According to the American Dental Association, a fifth of people age 75 and older haven’t seen a dentist in the past five years. Many older patients are resistant […]

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12/3/2015 – Forget Old Age, It’s Time to Live Long and (Really) Prosper

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Advances in health care have added years to our life. According to Laura Carstensen, the founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, it’s time we added life to our years. Read the full article at The Wall Street Journal.

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12/3/2015 – When It Pays to File Early for Social Security

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Filing for social security while your benefit is still growing sometimes makes sense. In deciding when to take Social Security, later is almost always better than sooner, and for good reason. A team including Stanford researchers John Shoven (SCL Faculty Leader) and Gopi Shah Goda (SCL Faculty Advisor) published a paper in 2015 concluding that […]

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12/2/2015 – Grandkids Could Be One Reason Humans Live Long Lives

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It very well could be that sound, active grandparents earn their evolutionary keep by helping their descendants survive, researchers say. The older folks who stick around provide knowledge, food and nurturing that give their grandkids a boost in life. Read the full article at National Public Radio (NPR).

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