CS+German Studies

What You'll Study

The joint major program (JMP), authorized by the Academic Senate for a pilot period of six years, permits students to major in both Computer Science and German Studies. Students completing the JMP receive a B.A.S. (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences).

To graduate with a joint major in Computer Science and German Studies, students must complete a minimum of 50 units. Majors must demonstrate basic language skills, either by completing GERLANG 1,2,3, First-Year German, or the equivalent such as an appropriate course of study at the Stanford in Berlin Center. Students also enroll in intermediate and advanced courses on literature, culture, thought, or language. A maximum of 10 Advance Placement (AP) units may be counted towards the major with the approval of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies. No more than 10 units may be taken on a credit/no credit basis. Courses listed below are recommended. Substitutes are permitted with the approval of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies. Relevant courses in other fields can count towards the German Studies major.

Degrees Offered: 
Joint Major/BAS