East Asian Studies

What You'll Study

The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) supports teaching and research on East Asia-related topics across all disciplines; disseminates knowledge about East Asia through projects of local, regional, national, and international scope; and serves as the intellectual gathering point for a collaborative and innovative community of scholars and students of East Asia. CEAS works with all schools, departments, research centers, and student groups to facilitate and enhance all aspects of East Asia-related research, teaching, outreach and exchange across the Stanford campus.

Undergraduates interested in East Asia can become involved by attending CEAS events, taking courses in the subject codes listed above, or earning a Minor or Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies. These undergraduate degrees in East Asian Studies are now administered by the Department of East Asian Cultures and Languages. Stanford Global Studies offers internship opportunities in East Asia, and the Bing Overseas Study Program offers study abroad opportunities in East Asia.

Degrees Offered: