Environmental Science, Technology and Policy

What You'll Study

The Goldman Undergraduate Honors program in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy aims to provide a select group of Stanford undergraduate students with a unique honors capstone experience in the area of environmental solutions. Beginning at the end of their junior year and continuing through their senior year, students will select, design, and implement a capstone project that targets understanding and/or addressing an environmental challenge.

Goldman projects may take a variety of forms, and the culminating product may be expressed in a variety of mediums. Projects may take the form of research that is mentored by a Stanford faculty member, and is targeted at understanding an environmental challenge. Alternatively, projects may take the form of creating a solution to an environmental challenge. Such solution projects could include design, development and/or implementation of technology, policy, curriculum, or social media. Although all students will be encouraged to think beyond the traditional research-based honors thesis, the unifying features of all Goldman honors projects will be that they (1) are targeted at understanding and/or solving an environmental challenge, (2) are mentored by a member of the Stanford Academic Council, (3) are designed and developed over the course of at least a year, and (4) culminate in a substantial product.

Degrees Offered: 
Interdisciplinary Honors