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Your goal in choosing a major is to find the best fit for you. Here are some ways to gather additional information, and some suggestions for topics to reflect upon as you come to a decision.


Choosing a Major

Stanford education as a whole encourages breadth, but the major allows you to specialize and acquire depth in one field. You may be thinking about a double-major, or doing honors, or adding a minor. The links here will help you recognize the salient differences among those options.

About the Major
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Work with Advisors

UAR advisors such as Academic Directors can guide you in exploring possible majors and fields of study that speak to your skills and interests. They can suggest ways to explore majors other than intro classes, help you identify the prerequisites for majors that appeal to you, and connect you with the appropriate people in any department. Faculty can answer your questions about a major and help you understand the landscape of a particular field.

Frequently Asked Questions about Majors & Minors
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Out in the field

Connect with Alumni

Students often think of a major as a way to find a career, but it is also possible to use a career to find a major. In general, there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about how majors connect to your future job. Talk to alumni about their experiences on and off campus and get the real scoop.

Facts About Majors and Careers
Stanford Alumni Mentoring
Networking & Informational Interviews
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Understand Degree Options & Requirements

What’s the difference between a BA and BS and a BAS? Did you know it's possible to do honors outside your major? Interested in a coterm? ExploreDegrees explains the regulations that govern these possibilities.

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Explore Student Projects

A good way to evaluate and understand a major discipline is to investigate the kind of work that more advanced students have done in that field.

Go to the Student Project Gallery

Identify Your Interests & Skills

Many students have found the self-assessment tools offered by the Career Development Center to be helpful in choosing a major.

Identify Your Interests

Consider Graduate School

Does your major matter to graduate schools? While a PhD is usually a continuation of your undergraduate studies, there are no required majors for medical, law, or business school. Master’s programs vary widely in recommended preparation.

Learn More About Graduate School Considerations