Maps Portal

The Maps Portal is the launch pad for accessing various mapping applications and resources available to the Stanford community.

Welcome and Explore!

Searchable Campus Map

Stanford's interactive map resource to explore and experience the university campus. Stanford's map  data over Google basemap, offers the users information on various interests like Visitor Center, Eateries on campus, Parking & Transportation, and many more. Integrated with Google's Navigation function, it’s hard to be lost (unless you are distracted by the beauty of our campus!)

Maps Library

An assortment of Stanford campus’ thematic maps that are frequently used for printed materials. Publicly available static maps are regularly updated in PDF format. You can download and print them to highlight your destinations and take along on your visit.

Custom Map Maker

Draw your own maps with Map Maker – a self-service web application! With Stanford’s reliable data you produce maps at your desk and collaborate with others. It gets better - you can even embed your custom map on your websites as an interactive map.

Operational Basemap

Over 180 data layers of mapped information around the campus! Ranging from engineering and planning to safety – it’s all here! Current, updated and interactive datasets for all your map analysis needs. Sensitive nature of the data grants access only to authorized personnel. If you believe you need this information, please contact here.

Floor Plans

An updated PDF compilation of Stanford's building floor plans throughout the campus. Now available to Stanford staff & faculty. Pick your building from a handy list or search by building name and number. Floor plans may be viewed and downloaded as a PDF.


An online database that hosts Stanford's project documents for buildings and infrastructure. Now available to staff & faculty. The online search engine yields results for Stanford infrastructure drawings, residential subdivision maps, topographic surveys & aerials and much more. 


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