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Mechanics and Computation Group

Teaching and research in the Mechanics and Computation Group is devoted to the study of a broad range of mechanical phenomena including the behavior of solids, fluids, biological tissues and complex materials under the actions of loads.

The ultimate goals of this effort are to discover new scientific knowledge relevant to engineering problems of the future, to enhance technological development in a broad range of industries, to improve health in society and to advance national security and defense.

Much of the research conducted within the Group is interdisciplinary in nature, reflecting a combination of concepts, methods and principles that often span several areas of mechanics, mathematics, computer science, materials science, biology and numerous other scientific disciplines. Our approach often combines experimental or clinical studies with theoretical modeling and numerical simulation to create tools that both explain phenomena and predict behavior and that may be used to advance concepts and designs in industry.

To achieve our educational objectives, our teaching and research encompass computational mechanics, multiphysics modeling, computational bioengineering and micro­scale devices.