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Lab safety

The Mechanical Engineering Department is committed to provide a safe working environment for its employees. It is the employee's obligation to report and/or correct identifiable hazards and unsafe conditions. The resources listed below are available as a direct reference for specific health and safety related issues.

All members of the Stanford community should be familiar with the resources on the Stanford EHS website.

Accident Reporting: All accidents must be reported as soon as possible to ME Building Manager Jaime Eredia at 650-996-0531.

If the accident involves an injury requiring immediate care, call 9-911. If the injured person is a student they need to be taken to Vaden Health Center.  If the injured person is Faculty or Staff they need to go to the Occupational Health Center.  The Risk Management Department distributes a number of documents to assist Stanford University personnel in matters concerning Risk and Insurance. These documents are available online at the Risk Management Department website.

If you have questions, contact Jaime Eredia or Giselle Martin.


  • Report the fire
  • Pull fire alarm
  • Evacuate
  • Do not use elevators.


  • Drop and take cover
  • Wait until the shaking stops, then evacuate
  • Do not use elevators
  • Do not re-enter the building FOR ANY REASON until the university emergency response teams have declared it is safe to do so

Bomb Threat

  • Report a threat or suspicious object
  • Follow police instructions

Power Outage: Most outages are resolved quickly. Wait for situation updates from the health and safety manager.

If there is an evacuation: Go to the nearest Emergency Assembly Point (EAP). If you don't know the location of your building's EAP, ask your supervisor NOW. Wait for instructions. Be patient.

Emergency Numbers

Fire, Police, Medical 9-911
(911 outside Stanford)
Stanford Emergency Information Hotline 5-5555
Stanford Health Service Emergency (650) 723-5111
Hazardous Materials Incident 5-9999
Vaden (students) 498-2336

ME Department Safety Contacts:
Jaime Eredia ME Building Manager (650) 996-0531
Giselle Martin Dept. Manager 5-2073