Recalling Emeriti under FRIP

Faculty who have taken advantage of the Faculty Retirement Incentive Program are subject to limits on their availability to be recalled to active duty. For past retirees, determine which version of FRIP they retired under here.

Retirement and Initial Recall (FRIP)

Faculty who are retiring under the Faculty Retirement Incentive Program must be recalled to active duty by their department. Based on the FRIP program guidelines (found here), the term of the recall will be for for either one or two years at 50% FTE, and will be paid 50% by the department and 50% by FRIP.

Step by Step Process

Before you get started, and at least four months before the faculty member's intended retirement date:

2.  The faculty member must fill out a Notice of Intent to Retire pdfand submit it for the department chair's signature. Please note: The "retirement date" on the form must be the last day of work (not the first day of retirement)

3.  Submit to the Office of Academic Affairs the Notice of Intent to Retire with original signatures of the faculty member and the department chair. Copies will not be accepted.

FRIP Recall Appointment

  1. The recall appointment is initiated using the Faculty Academic Staff Appointments (FASA) system. Instructions on how to submit FRIP emeriti recalls appear in the FASA Reference Guide and in the School of Medicine Supplement.

    The recall dates must start immediately after retirement date on Notice of Intent to Retire), and the percent time of appointment must be 50% FTE.

    Required attachment: Draft Offer Letter - use Emeritus Faculty offer letter template doc . Includes language explaining the pay structure for faculty recalled under FRIP.

  2. Financial review is conducted as a separate process and initiated by submitting to Finance:

Finance staff reviews salary level, funding plan and all other financial terms.

  1. After the Academic Affairs and Faculty Compensation receive notfce from the Provost's Office that the faculty member's FRIP Agreement and Release has been finalized, Finance staff notifies the department of financial approval and sends the draft offer letter containing edits (if any) required by Finance and Academic Affairs. The offer letter is to be finalized and sent to candidate. The signed offer letter is to be returned to Finance.

Subsequent Recalls

Apart from the 50% FTE recall period under the Program, emeriti faculty will generally not be eligible to be recalled to active duty. In unusual cases, the Dean may request a special recall appointment to meet a specific programmatic need, fulfill grant requirements or provide other institutional benefits.

Requests for such exceptions should not be submitted without prior approval by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Contact Ellen Waxman to discuss this.


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