Short Term Faculty

Individuals appointed primarily for research and/or teaching, generally for a year at a time

Visiting Scholars

Visiting, unpaid experts with outside funding

Visiting Scholars are recognized experts with doctoral degrees who wish to visit Stanford from an outside institution or are retired.  They are usually appointed for one year and may be renewed for a second year.  Visiting Scholars may not be paid, but must provide proof of outside funding.

To appoint or reappoint Visiting Scholars:


Postdoctoral fellows at other institutions who are collaborating with Stanford faculty, or working at Stanford for a limited period

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars need to possess a PhD or equivalent, and must be appointed as a postdoc at another institution. Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars are not subject to our minimum salary requirement, nor are they entitled to Stanford postdoctoral benefits. They may attend postdoc programs on a space available basis.

To appoint Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars:

Visiting Instructors

Visitors in training, going elsewhere

Visiting Instructors may be engaging for a year or less in advanced training in an area for which there is no formal course of study.  Visiting Instructors are not required to have a home institution, but they are expected to be “visitors,” in the sense that they plan to go on to another institution for further study at the end of their time at Stanford.

To appoint or reappoint Visiting Instructors: 

Visiting Faculty

Faculty on sabbatical from another academic institution

Visiting Faculty hold a doctoral degree and an academic appointment at another institution and who wish to visit Stanford while on leave from their home institution.  They may be paid or unpaid, and must provide proof of leave.  They are appointed for one year, renewable once.

To appoint or reappoint Visiting Faculty: 

Adjunct Faculty

Experts involved in the educational mission of the school

Adjunct Faculty are recognized experts with doctoral degrees who contribute to Stanford's educational programs.  They may have primary involvement in business, government or industry, or may be retired.  Appointments are usually for one to three years and are renewable.  Adjunct Faculty can be paid or unpaid.

To appoint or reappoint Adjunct Faculty: